XBOX Series S is $299

That's right, your wallet can breathe a little now as the latest official news from Microsoft is that the little brother to the flagship 4K monster, the XBOX Series X will have a 1440P at 120hz alternative at $200 dollars less, and we think that this is a smart move for everyone... except maybe Sony and their next PlayStation.

So, if the internet hasn't flooded your newsfeed with this information yet, here's the skinny. The XBOX Series S is less than half the size of the XBOX Series X and is capable of doing amazing things.

For $299, plus your patriotism in tax form. You get a much smaller console with no disk drive, white (for now), and the same great speedy storage technology. Now, we have our reserves of what that might mean for people looking to have several titles loaded on their storage drives. We think this might be a hassle when titles that take full advantage of the console come to market with huge installation requirements (Looking at you Call Of Duty: Warzone). And that is where you might start considering the storage drive addon that Microsoft is going to offer on to your purchase consideration. More on that later.

For now, you can start pre-ordering on September 22nd with release slated November 10th but we might start seeing a shortage for both consoles right before holiday season. So, if you're looking to jump into the next generation of consoles, you might just want to get your purchasing information ready for the submit order button where you can find them.

Now, we just have to wait for when Sony releases their sweet little details on the PlayStation 5 for both their own disk and diskless models.

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