Unboxing: Wyze Thermostat

It has been a long time coming for our first tech unboxing. I have always had a soft spot for Wyze products ever since their first camera released a few years ago. I decided back then that Wyze would be our main automation tech at our home and I haven't been disappointed yet.

I was mostly impressed with their quality rarely seen at their price point with an impressive app to control some of their home automation products. Most other products that I've owned have always had me question their ecosystem and requirements with hubs or subscriptions that left me wanting more. Along with some manufacturers missing features or force you into buying newer lines of their products to get some features otherwise not available in their previous products.

Being the techy home automation dad that I am, I would have preferred Wyze release some of their home automation products sooner instead of things like smart watches and headphones. Still, Wyze has recently released a slew of new home automation products with one of the latest being a Wyze doorbell camera and the Wyze thermostat we're going to be unboxing here. This being our first on this site, we're excited to show you what you can expect and what you get when buying a Wyze thermostat for your home along with a future review of the product after a few weeks of use with a techie like myself and from the eyes of my wife.

This unboxing was has no sponsor or paid advertising, the products shown were bought with our own funds for our own personal / business use. If you have questions let us know in the comments below or join us on our Discord for more. We appreciate your feedback, support and sharing of our content to your family and friends. Thanks!

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