The Sega Dreamcast Mini

It seems that only a few years ago the SEGA Dreamcast was all the rage. A respectable game title lineup, awesome 3D graphics for three time, and some qwerky or gimmicky features that kept us interested for as long as it lived.

Yup, I remember kids in High School bringing their little SEGA Dreamcast Visual Memory Units (VMU) like small portable Tamagotchi and was fascinated. Later finding out that this was only the memory card for the full console that was the SEGA Dreamcast. Coming from family of "hand-me-downs", getting my hands on the latest consoles was always a matter of finding and befriending the neighborhood kid who was lucky enough to get one.

From there on, it was title after title, completing Shenmu in awe of the technically marvel that felt close to a life simulator. Then playing Soul Calibur and enjoying the ability to unlock ever piece of game art. So addicting.

Now we hear internal SEGA rumors of a mini console floating around decision makers heads at SEGA. With the success of the mini console craze, it would seem like a no brainier for past fans of the once console contender before the likes of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft came, seemingly knocking out SEGA back to a solely game maker. At an attractive price point, it might be just the thing to get people from enjoying something retro yet new to some family members during a pandemic. For others like myself, it would allow people to enjoy the console for the first time brand new, albeit a smaller version.

A few thoughts run through my head, like given the new age television screens and their standard 16:9 ratios versus the original 4:3 standard of yesteryear, would the new mini be a 1:1 or feature some new age options for some awesome classics? Will the VMUs make a comeback and if so, even more mini? All these questions we didn't get to discuss earlier in GNL but now thinking of the possibilities.

What do you think? Are you excited for a Mini version of the SEGA Dreamcast? What was your favorite game when you first played on one of you did? Do you think the younger generation would enjoy the mini?

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