• Joel Rios

First Impressions: #Splitgate PC

Updated: Apr 13

Twitch shooters have been around for quite a long time and it is no surprise that their popularity in the mid to late 90s and early 2000s brought about the beginning of eSports and competition to a broader audience. Splitgate by 1047 games looks to marry some of the most iconic games into one by promoting it as a "Halo meets Portal" multiplayer shooter game.

If you aren't familiar with these franchises, then no worries. They are merely one of the most influential games of the 2000s by two different studios who are staples in the gaming industry today, 343 Industries and Valve. With that being said, 1047 games is looking to add a new dimension to the shooter genre by adding portals with some of your favorite weapons from games of the past.

Now look, portals in games aren't necessarily revolutionary as games like Unreal Tournament, Quake III Arena, and Doom had portals. But none of them allowed you to place them wherever you want. This function in the gameplay shown below ads a new layer of complexity, strategy, and efficiency to any game by letting you continue to think with portals all while mowing down your opponent in some of the most humiliating ways possible.

Maps are beautiful with plenty of close quarter and open area environments per maps and verticality. Not just hills and valleys. Jet packs help with this as you double tap the jump button for a small burst of flight that is replenished when hitting the ground, avoiding long drawn out aerial battles. Portals can be placed on several strategic color coded panels where you can strategies in real time how to approach the enemy, flank or surprise them with a well placed portal. One of the concepts kept from the Portal games is the inertia is carried through portals whether pointing horizontally or vertically, giving you the option to shoot out of a portal with speed or come in for a stealthy kill.

Take for instance, when placing a portal, you now have a vantage point to look through without giving away your position around the map. This allows you to find and strategize your next placement when enemy spawns rotate throughout the map. This adds some awesome highlights as well as caution when walking by portals for the enemy team. Also, you can shoot through portals, something that I haven't seen since Doom 4 days of Multiplayer that added just a little bit extra to the maps.

It definitely looks like the devs had a large challenge to deal with when designing the maps as shooter maps are usually hated or beloved by their community without portals for balance. But add portals and it becomes a whole new map with new choke points, variety and even new considerations to balancing out portal placement locations. That's right, you can't just place portals anywhere, which is a welcomed addition as these games would get hectic rather quick and drown out the fun if spawn camping and other annoying balance issues began to show up.

Weapons are pretty well balanced that closely resemble current and past weapons from the Halo franchise as well as some new welcomed once. If I had to say, some of the weapons feel even better than they did, but that is just me coming from keyboard and mouse than from Halo mostly being on console, thanks Microsoft. All in all, I hope that Splitgate doesn't become what Quake Live, Quale Champions, Battlefield Heroes, Planetside 2.... you get the hint. Thy're dead Jim!


All in all, the game is in "Beta". Which, now-a-days means that it will always be in Beta until it is profitable. You still have your microtransactions that seem to be mostly cosmetic and a season system that I never personally liked but is now the standard. There is a loot system very similar to Overwatch and Apex: Legends that seem to be random, although if there is a system to gain more purple items, I'm going to find it. I think the game is fun, with or without friends, but I cannot tell if some players are bots or not as I keep running into highly skilled users and then lowbie enemies that move like bots.

Klaydoggy and I also played some of this in cross-play while he was on the Xbox and I on the PC with our fellow discord member Dark Zero. You can check that footage out here and give us your thoughts in the comments bellow.

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