Shutdown your Windows device

Over the years, I have picked up little tricks that I thought I would share that can help you figure out how to best manage your computer. Something that I have found interesting is all the various ways to shutdown a computer that some people might not be aware of. So I am going to go some of the most common yet lesser known ways of doing so.

Standard Shutdown - Easy (Most Common)

This shutdown method is the go-to when it comes to how Microsoft recommends it if you must shutdown a machine.

  1. Go to the Start menu

  2. Find & click the power button icon

  3. Then click shutdown

Command Shutdown - Advanced (Least Common)

The next one is less known but can save you time when needing to shut-down in a hurry and don't want to waste time for applications to close confirm. Note, please save all your work before performing this command.

The Command: "Shutdown"

Shutdown is a command best used for just that. But for your windows based computer, "Shutdown" can do a whole lot more with the addition of custom switches. Here are some of the cooler ones.

Note: You can find more helpful information about commands at

Arguments (aka Switches)

/s (shutdown device)

/r (restart device)

/f (force shutdown, does not wait for programs to finish closing, instant)

/t (time in seconds until the command forces the shutdown

/c "text" (performs the action with a message to whoever is logged inside the quotes.

From the Start Menu

  1. Go to the Start menu (don't click on anything)

  2. Start typing the following without quotes "Shutdown /s /f /t 00"

  3. Press enter

From a Run command window

  1. On your keyboard, press down the "Windows" key and the letter "R" at the same time.

  2. Start typing the following without quotes "Shutdown /s /f /t 00"

  3. Press enter

From a Command Prompt window

  1. Start typing the following without quotes "Shutdown /s /f /t 00"

  2. Press enter

Note: These commands will also work on Windows 7 devices.


Why should you care about the rest of the commands outside of the most common one? Well, in IT, these commands come in handy.

More adventurous minds might find these useful too when starting to make computer scripts to automate or just need a way to make sure their PC is shutdown. There are several other switches that the "Shutdown" command can do, and boy are they fun to use when monitoring your child's computer use remotely.

If you would like me to write up that tutorial, please leave us a message on our contact form or simply become a member and leave us a comment on this post.

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