#HowTo : Share your Microsoft XBOX Game Pass on PC

Updated: Aug 7

It's no secret by now that Microsoft is betting most of its chips on XBOX Game Pass but it seems like several features are still unknown to a majority of gamers. One of the most valuable features is the ability to literally share your XBOX game pass with other users, more specifically, for your own family.

Family sharing seems to be a relatively rough process so far. Most would think that if you already configure your Microsoft family accounts with their computer sign in, that it would be as seamless as logging into the XBOX app on PC or even on console. Although the latter is mostly true so long as the XBOX Game pass account holder is the primary account on that system, the former is actually a little more involved with PC. I have 3 kids that all have me as the main login on their computer for the Family Safety features that Windows 11/10 offers. I have already upgraded all the computers to Windows 11, this method will also work for Windows 10.

Connecting your family members to Microsoft Family Safety.

First, you want to setup your family in Microsoft Family utilizing the same email that they associate to login to Windows 10/11. Yes, this means you will have to have an online account associated to each individual and I have not tested this out with local accounts that do not have a Microsoft associated email account to their logins. Once added, you're ready to sign the primary account holder to the Microsoft store of the user you would like to share to by logging into their PC account on their computer and opening the Microsoft Store.

Sign into the Microsoft Store account for the primary account holder.

I know this sound jank, and it is. You have to sign out the login of the person you want to share your Game Pass with and sign in with your Microsoft associated account on their Microsoft Store (see screenshot below). This assume that you trust the user you are sharing your account with and that you either trust sharing your associated spending account for the Microsoft Store to be shared with them or turned off from sharing on the Microsoft Family website and preventing them from utilizing it.

Now, open up the XBOX app on their login and you will then notice the following (annoying) notification.

Microsoft Store and XBOX App on PC.
Microsoft Store and XBOX App on PC.

There are a few benefits to this as several users can be logged in at a time playing different games on separate computers where you have performed these steps or even the same game at the same time and even with each other in multiplayer games as it considers their main user account as their online presence while still being under one paid subscription in the Microsoft Store sharing the benefits of Game Pass for XBOX.

More seamless integration is needed, Microsoft.

That's it, your XBOX app is now Microsoft Game Pass enabled for PC games on any computer where your Microsoft Store app is signed in. This obviously isn't the most user friendly and isn't exactly the way most people envisioned sharing their subscription between family members. But hopefully this helps out anyone on a budget from spending on multiple Game Pass accounts for several minors to have them enjoy the same service. This method is still working as of the date of this article and is subject to change as Microsoft develops their services to not feel like dollar store level implementations.

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