Quick Game Review - Fall Guys

By now, your kid or even you has heard about the game that has reached a lot of hype recently called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and I have had some curiosity about it given that I have been looking for a wholesome family multiplayer game to enjoy with the kids after their distance learning.

Now, some people might not be familiar, but there are a lot of games being played right now that can have some questionable themes and be completely attractive to young minds. While the opposite can be said about several wholesome games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout seems to have a lot of replay value as well as the ability to play with your friends who own the game.

The game can be best described as a series of platforming obstacle courses where you're pitted against other real players. Every online match is 4 rounds of elimination and the single winner being the last player standing. It's quite entertaining to watch and play with no fear of younger kids being exposed to toxic language or questionable player names.

The game is developed by Mediatonic Games and published by Devolver and available on Steam (PC) and PlayStation 4 (Free on PSPlus). Xbox and Nintendo Switch might need to wait for a while but current reports are stating that Mobile might be more likely before adding more consoles.

As mentioned before, the game is available on PlayStation 4 with a promotion for the game being free with their PSPlus subscription or on PC using Steam for $20 bucks for the base game. We know the publisher and developer deserves the money, but man, the adoption for this game has been so good that I would think that the exposure would help out in sharing the love during the pandemic.

What I mean is, the drawback to all of this is that with Steam, Family Library Sharing is not supported anymore, forcing families to pay $20 for every individual child to play in games with each other, or just one individually sharing their parents login. I'm hoping this changes sometime soon as it would be nice to be able to share this title without having to shell out almost $80 for all our family to enjoy on their own devices.

But still, I enjoyed the games I did get to play on my own before sharing the title with the kids through my own logins. The game runs on very old and new hardware just the same and has a relatively low space requirement on your computer or PlayStation 4.

  • Pros

  • Easy to pickup

  • Fun to play and watch

  • Great for all ages

  • Affordable for single person

  • Cons

  • Only on two platforms so far

  • No split screen even though perfect for it.

I can honestly recommend this game for the youngest in your family and the oldest, as it is very easy to pick up and skillsets don't range too far from one another. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now and Nerd Junkies recommended.

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