Nerd Junkies Studio - Day 1

Today was officially my first day of vacation from my job and started working on what I have been planning to do for a long time.

A lot of people might not know this but back in the day, Clay and I use to cast the Game News Live show in a garage as a studio setup complete with green screen walls and a few cameras setup to capture all the magic. But today, today is the start of a brand new office room from scratch we're designating to Nerd Junkies production and game room for us to dedicate to our community new and old.

LED lights, they're all the rage with the youth but I found that they're pretty good at mood and ambient lighting to give it that nice atmosphere. So the wife and I started hanging them all up around the room and realize the area was to big for just one roll of 50 foot length LED lights. Still, it covered enough to light up the room in awesome color.

I started wiring the room for Cat6 Network cable on the wall to feed the dedicated server in the attic and two other rooms. Then terminated all the cables and swapped out the main coax cable from the outside panel to feed the cable modem in our new room.

Now it was time to bring the game couches from the living room to the office and rearrange furniture. This is day one of 2 and a half weeks of vacation and I look forward to completing it.

Getting to this point was rough. From climbing into the attic and feeling claustrophobic around all the dust, insulation, and right spaces to fish down network cable and connecting it all through drywall, to setting up my wife's and my desk. We now are getting closer to day two and bringing in some entertainment.

Check back for the next post and leave a comment below. Hopefully we'll have guest on the show soon and fun streams for the community to take part of. See you soon.

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