Microsoft Windows 11 Free Upgrade Coming

Well, we've finally made it to another major #Microsoft windows upgrade for consumers and this time, we have more rounded corners than Windows Media Player in Windows XP.

Windows 11 - Nerd Junkies Background
Windows 11 - Nerd Junkies Background

Yup, #Windows11 seems to be heading straight to your PC via Windows Update and downloadable ISO. The latter being compatible to install on any PC so long as it has a 1 Gigahertz dual core processor, at least 4 Gigabytes of RAM , 64 Gigabytes of hard drive space and a TPM 2.0 chip within you computer. If you somehow make it work outside of these requirements, Microsoft states that you could fall into an unsupported state where even major security updates might pass you by.

What benefits will you be getting though? Well, as being one of the first to upgrade a few devices already to the preview build, I can safely say, "Not much". Most of the improvements to Windows 11 seem to be hidden under the hood except for the obvious centering of the "Start" menu, the rounded corners in most of the UI, and the further changes to some of the legacy panels we all grew up with. That's right, even Control Panel is becoming more modern by still providing the panel, but with some shortcuts opening directly to their new UI counterpart.

Windows 11 - New Icons
Windows 11 - New Icons

New icons and backgrounds also make a change along with new functions to work with multiple monitors and controls to better segment your workflow between screens and within them. Under the surface, Windows 11 seems to utilize resources better by spreading workloads between multi-core CPU systems utilizing more cores for regular workloads and focusing harder on new DirectX hardware/software implementations like DirectStorage and new features to instantly bypass layers of instructions to communicate directly with hardware compatible with DX features. So, why free and what's in it for #Microsoft? It's no secret that Microsoft has been going through a rough patch lately with the recent fumbles on security and vulnerabilities these last few years. But, this seems to be a major re-write on some of those aspects within Windows to accommodate an ever evolving security posture with the need for Microsoft to become equally as agile in delivering fixes and patches when needed without compromise. The days of 32bit versions of Windows are gone and now only 64bit versions with 32bit compatibility are being offered.

Windows updates still look like Windows Updates
Windows 11 - Windows Update Panel

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will be available in phases starting on October 5th. First versions will roll out as a Windows Update to the most likely compatible devices first. While others will be released in later phases at a future time. However, certain features promised earlier at the beginning of the year won't make it out on this initial release. Features like the Android app store provided by a partnership between Intel and Amazon will come at a later time and introduced first on the Insider channel of dev/preview releases. Here's hoping that the Microsoft Teams feature for consumers will have some level of success bringing communication into one app native on every Windows 11 install, much like MacOS messages for Apple devices.

It's no secret there was a need for something new from Microsoft, but only time will tell if this version will become as beloved as some of Microsoft's previous winner like Windows XP and Windows 98.

Windows 11 shows off its curves.
Windows 11 Fresh Install

What features are you excited for and which one's would you have liked to have in a new Windows version from #Microsoft? Comment below and share!

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