Find your computer name on Windows

One of the most common things a technician and an end-user should know is how to get your computer name. A computer name is going to be the easiest way to identify your computer for either yourself or a technician to assist you remotely and should be the first thing you offer information about your computer to a trusted individual helping you.

A computer name, also referred to a "hostname" is the unique identifier that you assign to a computer the moment that it has an operating system (OS) installed, this can be Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. The hostname can have capitals and some special characters but is very limited and cannot have spaces.

How to get your computer name or hostname?

For every OS, there are multiple ways to get your computer name or hostname. The simplest however is depicted in the following video.

Method 1 - Command Window Hostname

Step 1: Click on your "Start" menu and begin typing "CMD" without the quotes.

Step 2: On your keyboard, press the "Enter" key.

Result: Your hostname will be represented in plain text.

Method 2 - Windows System Information Hostname

Step 1: Click on your"Start" menu and begin typing "System Information" without quotes.

Step 2: On your keyboard, press the "Enter" key.

Result: A new window will pop up titled "System Information". Within that window, your hostname will be listed under "System Summary" > "System Name"

And that's it! You now have an easy way get your own hostname or provide your computer name to someone else who requires it. Hope this easy tutorial helps you!

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