Game News Live - S1 E1

The triumphant return of the most interactive video game news show is here and man! was it a good one.

As always, your hosts Clay and Joel bring you the latest on the current week's news live, Saturday's at 12 noon, on YouTube. Reruns with the chat are "Uncut" versions published shortly after.

or you can catch the edited version of GNL in "Byte Size" here at the link below.

We bring you the GNL show in the following segments and format:

  • Game Releases

  • Game News

  • RumorCtrl

All while taking your questions and comments live on air through our production assistant and moderator Mel. We're always adding new segments and looking into making it even more interactive in the near future with your suggestions taken in our Discord server.

For now, please enjoy, share, comment and like if you do and subscribe to our YouTube for our latest video content and join the community here.

We're looking forward to growing our members and bringing you more awesome content regularly and in the future!

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