• Joel Rios

Foodie Spots: Steve's Pig Pikins BBQ

Updated: Apr 26

It's no secret that Vegas is my hometown. Been living here since 1993 at the age of 8. I've seen the city transform from a relatively small town to a giant metropolis throughout the years and visited several spots that I think are a must after a long night of gaming, fun food spot, or just dishes that you shouldn't miss. Here are just another spot that I think you should try out.

BBQ is sometimes a hit-or-miss for me as it can either be salty and dry or savory and juicy but I have a hard time finding a combination of either together. Steve's Pig Pikins BBQ however does it differently as you will see. With their massive portions of juicy meats and savory chili and their flavors layered and jam packed with the right seasonings in every bite.

My wife and I were out shopping in the North West corner of Charleston and Rainbow near the Home Depot shopping center when we stumbled across the words BBQ in bold black and white lettering. We've been use to places like Famous Dave's and Dickies BBQ Pit, so we kinds figured that's what we were going to get into.

But, to our surprise, it was far better than we could image. The moment you walk in, the smell of meat roasting on a fire filled with wood carefully picked to enhance the smokey flavor of their meat hits your nostrils in an aroma than would make any lumberjack burly man want to rent a space there.

The staff was very friendly and accommodating as we revealed that it was our first time and was very helpful and courteous to walk us through their menu. Steve's Pig Pikins BBQ menu is obviously centered around pork but there was several other dishes to choose from. I decided to try the "Rea" and described with the following;

"Hot links, pulled chicken, pepper jack & American cheese, onion trio, jalapeños and whiskey BBQ beans."

Now, I enjoy my spice, but not over flavor. My wife decided on the Pulled Pork Sandwich (pictured below), a classic BBQ staple. The prices were a bit on the pricier side and we didn't know if this was due to the current inflation situation or the cost of meat in general, but we have seen this trend happening everywhere. However, the price was well worth it with the portion and the flavor. All of it felt just right when it was brought over to our table.

The restaurant atmosphere was fun, inviting and clean for the most part. Wet wipes were available, utensils and soft drink fountain was easily accessible. And the flare was fun to find and look at to spark a conversation about anything. It took us about 15 to 20 minutes to finish the entire meal. Since I am diabetic, I decided not to eat the bun but I can tell you, the bite that I did have, was soft and delicious. BBQ squeeze bottles were on every table for both the delicious regular BBQ sauce and the spicier version next to it with clear markings as to which was which.

Overall, I think Steve's Pig Pikins BBQ is a spot for everyone when you are hankering some large portions, delicious pork meat and just some good ol' tasty BBQ. Check out this and more articles coming soon for our next local Las Vegas spot on NerdJunkies.com