Disk Cleanup for Windows

Updated: Jul 26

Do you ever wonder what else you can do to cleanup your computer? One of the most common ways to free up some useless space is to do what is commonly called as a "Disk Cleanup" under windows. This helps you get rid of several useless or unused files that Windows will probably never use again. Things like, temporary files, older updates no longer needed, and several other "junk" files that can potentially free up a lot of space and speed up some precious computer processes and space on your hard disk.

How to run Disk Cleanup on Windows.

Note: This is most effective on your hard disk that your operating system (OS) lives on. Most often, this would be the C: Drive or the OS Disk.

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Method 1 - This Computer (Windows 10) or My Computer (Windows 7)

Step 1: Click on your "Start" menu and begin typing "This Computer" if Windows 10 or "My Computer" in Windows 7 without quotes.

Step 2: Right-click your OS Disk (commonly the C:\ drive) and in the sub menu, click on "Properties".

Step 3: A new window will pop-up with your disk information. Click on "Disk Cleanup" and wait for the next window to appear.

Step 4: In the next Window, look for "Clean up system files" and accept any prompts for elevation. This will require you to at least have administrator rights.

Step 5: A similar window will load to the previous with several other options. Most if not all of the options can be ticked on without issue.

Step 6: Press "OK" and your system will begin to clean the disk itself.

Result: You should see the amount of space you have cleared after the process has finished. This should have cleared the unnecessary files the system has kept.

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