Discord Server Available!

Updated: May 10

Hello everyone,

We now have access ready to our Discord server for all of our community members and fans. Please take a look at the following for instructions on joining the Discord channel.


Looking to get into our Discord channel? We have a few rules to follow to stay connected and make it a great place to hand out and chat for everyone.

  1. Please refrain from harassing or insulting other community members in the chat. You can get banned for this.

  2. Please be courteous to others and their point of views.

  3. Please contact a mod or owner if you have any issues with anything in our discord channel, we encourage the contact to resolve any issues.

  4. No racism, sexism, religious, or otherwise inappropriate content in non-safe for work sections.

Access Link

Nerd Junkies Discord Server

Have fun and play safe!

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