Discord Roles & Perks!

By now, you're wondering what all these roles on the Discord server are about. Frankly, it's not a bad question as I am not even sure yet of what we should do with it. But for the Nerd Junkies fans, we look forward to building up our community to be one of the friendliest and fun places to be a part of on the web.

To help promote that, we've come up with a pretty unique way of helping this community grow by awarding our community Discord members with unlockable challenges and perks to get all of us there.

Simply take a look at the titles, discord features, and perks that come with every tier you unlock as you complete the requirements to achieve them.

Tier 1 – Newbie

NOTE: Sign up on https://www.nerdjunkies.com/members to get started!

  • Setup profile with your favorite profile pic.

  • Share the site on your preferred social site.

Discord Unlocks: 

  • Voice Channel Unlocks


  • Standard access to our general channels and voice on Discord!

Tier 2 – Member

NOTE: Role unlocked only after reaching Tier 1 – Newbie

Discord Unlocks:

  • Change your own nickname

  • Enjoy custom emojis on Discord once the server is upgraded.


  • Eligible to enter our prize and game code giveaways!

  • Be a part of the credits for our GNL in helping us grow

Tier 3 – MVP

NOTE: Role unlocked only after reaching Tier 2 – Member

  • Invite 5 people to the Discord and have them all achieve Tier 1 – Newbie

  • Invite a friend to a Game News Live stream (http://nerdjunkies.com/gnl) and shout them out in the chat as your +1 live! 

  • Have at lease 3 comments posted on any Nerd Junkies post.

Discord Unlocks:

  • Priority Speaker Status


  • First pick to our Community Game Night Streams.

  • Exclusive entry in our post live show credits for our MVP members.

  • Get a chance to be part of the GNL Stream in a future episode.

  • One Free Nerd Junkies T-Shirt when they become available.

Tier 4 - Admin

NOTE: Role unlocked only after reaching Tier 3 – MVP  Admin role will be considered for those who show interest in developing Nerd Junkies to be a fun and welcoming community for all walks of life and can enforce the rules and principals where needed.

Future roles we're looking to fill.

  • Community Manager / Live Chat Moderator

  • Live Stream Personality / Host

  • Blog Writer / Product Video Reviewer

  • Social Media Administrator

  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist

  • Event Coordinator

  • Expo & Livestream Support Staff

  • Brand Sponsorship Agent

Discord Unlocks:

  • Admin Powers


  • Credited in our shows with your official title

  • First to be considered for paid employment opportunities available as the brand grows

  • 1 free custom event design staff T-shirt for every sponsored event we attend.

  • Review products and games as media contributors

  • Be on interviews and commentary for event media and streams

  • Enjoy sponsored travel and/or room accommodations where possible

  • Media badge and  access where available

  • Work with a fun team as we grow the Nerd Junkies brand.

NOTE: Nerd Junkies reserves the right in all or in part any specifics mentioned on this list and can be subject to change without notice. Decisions will be made internally and possibly revealed to the community on a per situation basis and event. But we will always work to doing the right thing for the community and its members.

If you have any questions. Make sure you ask any founder or admins members on our discord for more details. We appreciate you working up your nerd rep with us and looking forward to chatting with all of you on the Discord Server.

Consider sharing this with someone you think would love to be a part of the Nerd Junkies community and leave a comment and/or like on this post.

Thanks again! Nerd Junkies Staff

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