#DedicatedServer : 7D2D

Updated: Jul 15

Nerd Junkies 7 Days 2 Die Dedicated Server Banner

We've been hard at work and we're ready to launch the new 7 Days to Die dedicated community server! Simply follow these steps!

  1. head on over to our Discord,

  2. agree to the rules,

  3. grab the password from the dedicated channel for the game

  4. Click this link to join the server!

  5. join us in the Discord voice chat.

... and that's it. If you plan on inviting some friends, make sure you send them the link to the Discord to grow the community and find more games to play as we roll them out.

7D2D Steam Page
7D2D Steam Page

Moderators are always on our discord to lend a hand and we're glad to share quest with all our community members. Share this, invite your friends to the discord and meet up to kill some zombies with us!

We appreciate your support in growing the community. If you would like to support the server, consider donating at https://www.nerdjunkies.com/donate

Thanks for checking out the article, please consider leaving a like, comment or question, and or join us on our Discord server and join the community of likeminded gamers and nerds. We also discuss the weekly game news with our community live on Twitch every Saturday at 12 noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern on our Game News Live Podcast!

See you there!