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Nerd Junkies

Originally, Nerd Junkies was built as a project with a small team of individuals looking to make a blog style site dedicated to digital entertainment and media. Now, as the team has grown, so has the site itself. Offering a more personalized look into the lifestyles of tech savvy individuals and the challenges and adventures that are encountered along the way while providing the experience as a service for those in need and in plain English.

The Blog

The Blog itself showcases common tools and trends we believe are important to our readers. We strive to provide easy to follow tutorials to make everyday digital life easier and on occasion, provide a personal look into our very own lives and where the site might be heading.


Whether it be a logo design, web services for your website, or even technical support for your home or business remotely or in the Las Vegas Valley. We offer our services at affordable rates and to help those have confidence to continue in the age of rapid changing technology.

Meet The Team

Joel Rios

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Original founder and technology enthusiast, I surround myself and devour all technical information that comes my way.

Joseph Searles

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Design and concept artist looking to make my mark in designing amazing commercial art and push brands forward through digital media.